Delivery  is available  in the Fort Worth  area for Toner Cartridges and on site Printer Repair

We offer a one year warranty on our toner cartridges. If you are not satisfied with your toner quality we will make it right. 

You pay shipping back and we send a replacement.

for pricing on your specific needs.

We would like to opportunity to supply your printer needs.

What are Compatibles?

Compatible cartridges are non-branded consumables

produced by a third party, as opposed to the printer manufacture, which are called OEM.

All you ladies can relate to buying an original designer outfit compared to a generic brand.  Savings to your pocket book.  We all like our dollar to spread further these days.

What are the advantages of using compatible toner cartridges?

The obvious advantage is cost- compatible toner cartridges are now available for a wide range of printers and can save you up to 50% compared with original branded cartridges.

As you would expect all printer manufactures would like you to use their brand of toners in their printer.

They might give the impression that to use anything other than their products will invalidate your printer's warranty.

But this is not the case.

With global recession biting hard and prices increasing rapidly, businesses and consumers are looking for more ways to save money.

Compatible toners are sensible option for everyday use.

A few of our most popular toners we rebuild which is the GREEN way to go. These are called Remanufactured Toners.

Parts are replaced less waste to the environment

LazerCompoffers a full line of Premium Compatible Toner Cartridges with very aggressive pricing.

Premium Compatible Supplies offer your company the ability to produce significant cost savings in your printing budget.

Superior Quality

Aggressive Pricing

LazerComp provides laser cartridges for most major brands including HP, Brother, Lexmark, Canon, Dell, Samsung and Xerox to name a few.

By chosing LazerComp Laser Toner Supplies we can cut your supplies cost by 30% to 40%